Micazza Home Office Furniture

Micazza offers state of the art home office furniture that can perfectly fit in any home setting. Previously, home-office furniture was hidden away, often in the home basement or dismantled when guests arrived. Today, home offices are ubiquitous in North American residences. It is becoming more common for freelancers, start-ups and professionals to work from the comfort […]

Leather Maintenance Tips

Leather furniture can lend a room that subtle touch of richness. If you treat your leather furniture well and take all the precautionary maintenance procedures, your furniture will last you for many years. What many people do not understand is that leather is actually a very practical furniture choice and that it is actually not that hard […]

Trend Watch – Leather is making a Comeback!

Leather has made a big comeback within the last few years as a furnishing and upholstery choice. Leather furniturelends your home or office an opulent quality with its overtones of luxury, glamour and sophistication. MICAZZA brings comfort and flexibility to online furniture shopping. We offer our customers the ability to shop for leather furniture online from the comfort of their home, 24 hours […]