Coffee tables play an important role in the interior design of a home. The coffee table usually acts as an anchor for the rest of the furniture. Many times it is a unifying element that fills out the void between chairs and sofas and beckons people to sit around it.

 Some people still prefer furniture setting with matching coffee tables, but more people have become more audacious and open to encouraging a mix of styles and materials. Consumers have many choices today. Frames are available in light, dark or painted woods, stone and faux stones, iron and other metals and glass, as well as combinations of two or more of these. Legs may be straight, splayed, tapered or fluted. Surfaces may be carved, decorated, pierced, painted or accented with glass.

Micazza has a wide variety of coffee tables to choose from. Some of the tables have multiple levels to provide space for a shelf or shelves for magazines, books, and artwork, while leaving the top clear for cups of coffee. Others are simple and contemporary design stainless steel and glass table. You can visit our website and online gallery to view our distinguished collection of coffee tables from the comfort of your own home.