One of the best ways to welcome guests to your home is to make sure your dining table looks as inviting as possible. A successfully decorated table with complementary place settings can set the mood for the occasion, and the choices you make will say a lot about the meal to come.

 Here are some quick-fix dining table ideas to impress your guests when they come over for dinner:

  • Table settings do not always have to be formal. Adopt whatever style you prefer and then have fun coming up with your own take on the design.
  • Try not to clutter up your table with too many shiny decorations. You want your guests to feel relaxed and not worry about not having enough room to put their glass or cutlery.
  • Try a textured placemat and let the shape of your table dictate the mat’s shape. Use round mats on round tables and rectangular ones on rectangular tables.
  • Make an impressionable centerpiece. Skip the mixed bouquet and arrange for vases that hold a single kind of bloom or greenery, so they read as one centerpiece. Make sure that the shades of flowers you choose will complement your tablecloth.
  • We recommend that you choose greenery or berries instead of delicate flowers so your arrangement strays fresh all week and does not shed on your table surface.
  • Mix and match china and break up a monotone set by coordinating or swapping salad plates. This can help you achieve a layered look.
  • Brighten up your table with a pretty patterned tablecloth for an additional element of color and texture. 

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