Micazza Dining Tables


Furniture is becoming multi-functional as home décor trends are opening the doors to fun and functionality. Dining tables used to be reserved for special occasions, but not anymore. People work on them, kids do art projects on them, and it’s often where people gather around to hang out.


Our dining table does not simply reflect our personal tastes and style - it also sets the ambiance of our homes. The dining table is often the single biggest surface in the house. That is why choosing the right one is so important.


A dining table’s size, shape and materials can have such an impact on the feeling of a home.

The size should fit both the room and your family, and ideally, be designed for easy expansion. Round and oval dining room tables provide for ease of conversation, which a lot of people find appealing.


Also, expandable tables with drop leaves, built-in extensions, board inserts and the like are all practical for people who entertain frequently. Today's designs take up little space, and can instantly be enlarged when guests are expected.


Micazza has a wide variety of dining tables to choose from. Our gallery combines simple walnut, steel tables, glass tables and a combination of steel and glass tables. Whether you are trying to establish a traditional classic look or a look of tactile modernism, our collection of dining tables will be able to satisfy you.