Micazza furniture is currently offering an exciting modern line of furniture, with contemporary style that puts an emphasis on storage and functionality. Our contemporary furniture line includes modern bedroom furniture, living room furniture and dining room collections, as well as upholstery, sleepers, modular and accent chairs – each offering customers rich detailing and contemporary touches that bring modern design to life.

The benefits of incorporating contemporary furniture in a home or an office include:


  • Contemporary furniture can be mixed and matched to give each home a unique sense of taste and style.
  • Contemporary furniture can include smaller scale furniture designed to fit condos and homes with low ceilings.
  • Contemporary furniture has lighter colors and sleek designs that are minimally intrusive in a space allowing natural flow between elements and rooms.
  • Contemporary furniture incorporates diverse design styles. Blocks of color, modest patterns and textures add to the ease of integrating different styled furniture while maintaining a level of elegance.
  • Modern contemporary furnishings are designed to incorporate new technology creating a harmonious feeling between design and functionality. 


For more information about Micazza’s latest styles, sales and special events or to shop online, visit our online gallery and view the different furniture colors, shapes and sizes we are offering.