Micazza offers state of the art home office furniture that can perfectly fit in any home setting. Previously, home-office furniture was hidden away, often in the home basement or dismantled when guests arrived. Today, home offices are ubiquitous in North American residences. It is becoming more common for freelancers, start-ups and professionals to work from the comfort of their homes.

Micazza furniture does not see the home office as an intrusion. The advantage of having a home office is that you can make it look both professional and homely at the same time so that it is built into the fabric of your house. When guests come over, they will not notice the desk or work space because it will blend with the rest of your home furniture.

Micazza has some of the most innovative attractive items that are designed to be the center of attention when placed in a room. We have several office desks set to look comfortable at home, they come in warm woods such as cherry, mahogany and red oak, some are made of glass with legs that are cold rolled steel or pumiced aluminum.

MICAZZA is an online furniture boutique that specializes in custom made leather upholstery, and elegant furniture. You can shop online for MICAZZA signature furniture.